March 28th, 2014 Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s

The band played their first Ohio set of the year in Cincinnati, playing “Grab the Mic,” “Diabolical” and “Jimmy Page”

It Gets Worse
Shut Me Up
Stupid MF
Diabolical (Steve’s Choice)
Fuck Machine
Grab the Mic (Jimmy’s Choice)
Never Wanted to Dance
Evening Wear
Backmask (Kitty’s Choice)
Ala Mode
Dicks Are for My Friends
Golden I (Lynz’s Choice)
Planet of the Apes
I Hate Jimmy Page (Crowd’s Choice)


Bootleg Status: None or Unknown

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2 thoughts on “March 28th, 2014 Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s

  1. JonahArc

    Saw the show and got to meet the band, it was amazing. Ended up coming home with a drumstick, which I pretty much take everywhere I go, in case it spontaneously combusts or something while I don’t have an eye on it.


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