March 25th, 2014 New York, NY – Irving Plaza

The band’s home show saw Urine reviving the classic pink suit in its entirety–long boxer briefs included–and playing a classic set including “Keepin’ Up with the Kids,” “Molly,” and “I Hate Jimmy Page.” Steve started singing “Bed of Roses” per a fan’s request after the show, but was stopped (also by request–which Steve thanked them for).

It Gets Worse
Shut Me Up
Stupid MF
Keepin’ Up with the Kids (Steve’s Choice)
Fuck Machine
Molly (Jimmy’s Choice)
Never Wanted to Dance
Evening Wear
Cocaine and Toupees (Kitty’s Choice)
Ala Mode
Dicks Are for My Friends
7-11 (Lynz’s Choice)
Planet of the Apes
Jack You Up
I Hate Jimmy Page (Crowd’s Choice)


Bootleg Status: Full

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10 thoughts on “March 25th, 2014 New York, NY – Irving Plaza

  1. Joe lambert

    If anyone has any video/audio of this show I’d kill for a copy! I had to Leave early Bc my girl got sick, sucked so bad! Thanks in advance

    1. G Post author

      Yessir! I filmed the four choice songs, It Gets Worse, Stalkers and Jack You Up. I’ll post when I’m back home. Another guy filmed the entire set in high quality but his may take longer so I’ll have something for you soon. Sorry you guys had to miss the rest of the show! Hope she feels better.

      1. Joe Lambert

        Where can I find vids? I’m new to this site… lol I’m desperate.. so depressed i missed the show.

        1. G Post author

          Still working on it – I flew out for the NY shows so I’m *just* now uploading them. We don’t have an actual video section on the site here but I will email you the videos when they’re up. I’ve got 2 out of the 9 done so I’m thinking tonight.

  2. Rosa M

    Awesome show! I’ve been a hardcore MSI fan since 99′ and they still kick ass! My favorite band!


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