April 1st, 2014 Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre

Toronto saw the debut of “What Do They Know?” and a fan-bribed (for $40) performance of “Bring the Acapella.”

The tour is still underway and every set has been different. We strongly urge you to get your tickets for the remaining dates here.

It Gets Worse
Shut Me Up
Stupid MF
Keepin’ Up with the Kids (Steve’s Choice)
Fuck Machine
What Do They Know? (Jimmy’s Choice)
Never Wanted to Dance
Evening Wear
Bring the Acapella (Bribery)
Ala Mode
Dicks Are for My Friends
Cocaine and Toupees (Lynz’s Choice)
Planet of the Apes
Jack You Up
Straight to Video (Crowd’s Choice)


Bootleg Status: None or Unknown

Please submit your reviews and comments below. If you have pictures from this show that you would like to share, please contact stromrob@gmail.com or fithcky@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “April 1st, 2014 Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre

  1. Lex

    i think bring the acapella and what do they know? are switched in order… i remember what do they know being played much earlier – definitely before stalkers – and kittys choice being debated on much later in the set when jimmy asked for $40 for bring the pain. thats the only thing that seems incorrect!

    1. G Post author

      Ah, that’s actually something I’d heard and we got no concrete report so we had to take guesses as to what got played where. We had a report recall that J didn’t want to play WDTK but Kitty made him do it anyways, so that would make sense. But not totally sure what happened as, obviously, none of us were there.

      1. Lex

        ahhhh, i think i know what thats in reference to — iirc when steve said he wanted to play keeping up jimmy was a little concerned or something like it, but they played it anyway.


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