You’ll Rebel to Anything (As Long as It’s Not Challenging)

Official Releases:
Studio Version (2:31) – You’ll Rebel to Anything
Radio Edit (2:31) – You’ll Rebel to Anything (Clean Radio Edition)

“You’ll Rebel” is the title track off the band’s third studio record. It was one of the first songs written after Frankenstein Girls. The track name refers to the Dead Milkmen’s single “Instant Club Hit (You’ll Dance to Anything).”

you don’t mean it

you need a uniform
so you won’t be ignored
you are affected
and so you’re accepted

it’s time you invested in a bottle of poison
so we don’t have to hear about
you bitching and moaning
you think you could afford
a fucking bottle of aspirin

boo fucking hoo
you’re not the only one whose life’s
a piece of shit
and yet miraculously somehow we all
seem to deal with it
did anybody think that you
would really seriously slit
your wrists?
in fact I think that everybody
thinks you’re seriously
full of shit

you think you’re saying something relevant as you
connect the dots
you never realized you have to get in line to
suck a cock
you’re telling me that fifty million screaming fans
are never wrong
I’m telling you that fifty million screaming fans are
fucking morons

Live Version:
“You’ll Rebel” has never been performed live, despite being rehearsed. The band has given various reasons, most culminating in that it is simply not fun to play.

The official video for “You’ll Rebel” was directed by Alex Serpico and appears as a bonus on the explicit edition of You’ll Rebel to Anything. Serpico later released an alternate version to his YouTube channel.

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