What Do They Know?

Official Releases:
Studio Version (2:48) – You’ll Rebel to Anything
Radio Edit (2:48) – You’ll Rebel to Anything (Clean Radio Edition)
Demo Version (1:56) – MySpace.com exclusive
Live at Webster Hall 2005 (2:54) – Our Pain Your Gain
Live at Projekt Revolution 2007 – Pay for It

“What Do They Know?” was planned as the third single from You’ll Rebel to Anything, but Another Mindless Rip Off was released instead, an EP which featured the commissioned remixes of the song.

beat me up
and then beat me down
mess me up beyond all recognition
for what it’s worth I’d do it again
with no consequence I will do it again
I’m hard up don’t let me down
jump the gun
bust the cap hit the ground

yo yo yo
my dignity never
perceived like a big fat
a bit silly but not
criminal that’s what I
thinking thoughts that’s most
no efforts
I’m just that soup
de jour’d

on the fence the consequence
what do they know about that?
off the track ahead of the pack
what do they know about that?
I’m quite impressed I’m quite a mess

Official Remixes:
Mindless Self Indulgence vs. Julien-K & Chester Bennington (5:27) – Another Mindless Rip Off
Backstabber’s Delight Mix (4:37) – Another Mindless Rip Off
Hollowboy Extended Pleasure Mix (5:22) – Another Mindless Rip Off
VNV Nation Maelstrom Mix (5:42) – Another Mindless Rip Off
Kenny Muhammad’s The Final Word Mix (2:25) – Another Mindless Rip Off

Live Version:
“What Do They Know?” was played extensively from 2005 to 2007. It was played seldom in 2012 and once in 2014.

First Performed: April 8th 2005 (Cohoes NY)
Last Performed: April 1st 2014 (Toronto ON)

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