Stupid MF

Official Releases:
Studio Version (2:32) – You’ll Rebel to Anything
Radio Edit (2:32) – You’ll Rebel to Anything (Clean Radio Edition)
Live at Webster Hall 2005 (2:34) – Our Pain Your Gain
Live in Birmingham 2007 (3:10) – If (Deluxe Edition)

“Stupid MF” appears on You’ll Rebel to Anything–it is generally seen as the band’s most popular non-single.

is this accessible enough for you?
does everybody understand?
are you all still following me?

should I talk slower like you’re a retard?
should I talk slower like you’re retarded?

yo they think you’re dumb
I think you’re smart
no wait I lied I think you’re dumb

get it get it get it
you just don’t get it

you stupid motherfucker

it’s under your nose
it’s over your head
it’s out of your reach

Live Version:
“Stupid MF” debuted on the You’ll Rebel to Anything tour and has been played regularly since. In 2012, an instrumental coda was added to the ending to medley into the next song on the setlist. This continued in 2013 and reappeared several shows into the 2014 tour, though it did not medley into the next song in 2014.

First Performed: April 8th 2005 (Cohoes NY)
Last Performed: April 15th 2014 (West Hollywood CA)

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