Official Releases:
Studio Version (3:08) – If
Radio Edit (3:08) – If (Clean Radio Edition)
Live Version 2002 (2:08) – Alienating Our Audience
Live Version 2002 Radio Edit (2:08) – Alienating Our Audience (Clean Radio Edition)
Live at Webster Hall 2005 (2:17) – Our Pain Your Gain

“Revenge” was first released on the band’s live record Alienating Our Audience in 2002. It was later released on Our Pain Your Gain and was finally released as a studio recording for If. The studio version begins with a half-minute skit.

this ….. is ….. my ….. re ….. venge
I’m a little tease
watch what I do
here’s a little taste
of how it’s gonna be from now on
yo fuck me and my friends
my friends and me
never special enough
to make a case for jealousy
plus the secret sauce
I’m gothalicious with cheese
and all the gay things I say
make such a pretty melody
now I’m gonna say all those bad things about you
I make up things so everyone hates you

Live Version:
The live version is shorter and begins with the first verse, whereas the studio version begins with the chorus.

First Performed: March 6th 2002 (Pawtucket RI)
Last Performed: April 6th 2014 (Lawrence KS)

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