Official Releases:
Studio Version (3:05) – If

“Prescription” is the fourth track on “If.” Stems were given to remixers, suggesting the band had plans to release the song as a single. These stems were later leaked.

I’m the doctor
I’m the patient
don’t forget that
it’s important
if you love me
like I love me
will be sorry
well I don’t need nothing before the show
I don’t need nothing well that’s not so
I need something before the show
just a little something to make me go
woha whoao ho
ya na-na-know what I want
gimme more gimme more pretty please
a prescription
I don’t need no one
screwing up my fun
over the counter
fill that prescription

Live Version:
The live version features a synthesized intro for the band to time their instruments. Urine often throws open bottles of dayquil (sometimes filled with liquor instead) at the audience during performances.

First Performed: April 24th 2007 (Eindhoven NL)
Last Performed: March 21st 2014 (Sayreville NJ)


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