Pay for It

Official Releases:
Studio Version (3:34) – If
Radio Edit (3:34) – If (Clean Radio Edit), Pay for It
Demo Version (3:03) – MySpace Exclusive

“Pay for It” was released as the third single from “If” along with “Issues” and “On It” as a part of the It bundle. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Chart.

I know I feel this way for ever
I know no one will beg to differ
goodbye so long it’s been a pleasure
they love me when I say that
I don’t want you to hate me
I want you to want to hate me
I don’t want you to date me
I want you to want to date me
I’m gonna pay for it
all of this shit
I’m gonna pay for it
like a goddamn son of a bitch
hey hey hey
it’s never gonna be perfect
no never gonna be never good enough for me
I let my motives be my motivation
I’m gonna rock you like a fornication
too much of hurting never hurt me baby
it is aggressive that’s the message we send

Official Remixes:
The Son of a Clown Mix by M. Shawn Crahan (4:06) – Pay for It, Never Wanted to Dance (Volume 2), If (Japan), If (Australian Deluxe Version)
RMX by Ulver (4:52) – Pay for It, If (Japan), If (Australian Deluxe Version)
The :wumpscut: Remix by Rudy R. (3:38) – Pay for It, If (Australian Deluxe Version)
DubStep on Your Dirty Little Face Mix (3:31) – Pay for It

Live Version:
“Pay for It” was played extensively on the Cursing in Braille Tour and the If Tour.

First Performed: June 15th 2006 (Rochester NY)
Last Performed: August 23rd 2008 (Birmingham UK)

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