Mic Commander

Official Releases:
Studio Version (2:04) – You’ll Rebel to Anything (Expanded & Remastered)
Radio Edit (2:04) – You’ll Rebel to Anything (Clean Radio Edition)

“Mic Commander” (also known as “Microphone Commander”) was originally released as a b-side on the clean version of You’ll Rebel to Anything. The explicit version was released in 2007 on the You’ll Rebel to Anything remaster.

when I step up to the mic I show no
when sleep with your wife I show no
when I’m better than your life I show no
when I fall off the bike I show no

all I need is a dope rhyme
to rock this here beat so I defeat
all I need is a def beat
to bust this dope rhyme every goddamn time

defecating masturbating
microphone commander never fuckin’ hesitating
deaf with record here’s the invitation
accept no substitutes and no imitations
we’re the fuck-ups we’re the faggots
and all I really know is that they don’t give a fuck about me

just like a living Jesus
you can never ever ever win a battle with me
in little bitty pieces
that is what you end up when you step to me

Live Version:
There is no recorded proof that “Mic Commander” has ever been performed live, though Kitty recalls playing it; it was likely rehearsed for the Alienating Our Audience Tour.

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