Lights Out

Official Releases:
Studio Version (2:37) – If
Demo Version (2:18) – 3 S’

“Lights Out” was originally performed in 2004 at a secret show at CBGB, but was otherwise left unheard until its release on If in 2008. Prior to its release, it was one of the most sought-after tracks along with “Bomb This Track” (also performed only once at the same secret show). The 2004 demo version was released with “3 S'” as a 7″ vinyl single.

who the hell said any of you get a taste?
there’s a little bit of gullible on your face
you better ttttake it
nothing you could do could ever make me go away
ffffake it
poor baby I’m gonna make it all okay
punch your lights out
hit the pavement
that’s what I call
causing problems
makes you famous
all this violence
makes a statement

Live Version:
“Lights Out” has changed significantly live over the years. Originally, the band performed the demo version as it appears on the 7″ “3 S'” single. When it was next performed, in 2008, it took after the slower album version, featuring heavier guitar. The current live version also uses a piano chord intro in place of the bass guitar that appears on the studio version.

First Performed: February 24th 2004 (New York NY)
Last Performed: March 27th 2014 (Pittsburgh PA)

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