Last Gay Song

Official Releases:
Live at CBGB 2002 (2:37) – Alienating Our Audience
Live at CBGB 2002 Radio Edit (2:37) – Alienating Our Audience (Clean Radio Edition)
Studio Version V1 (2:18) – msivideo YouTube Exclusive
Studio Version V2 (2:18) – How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence

“Last Gay Song” was originally released on the live album Alienating Our Audience. The studio version was later released in an instructional video on the band’s YouTube page in 2012; a different studio version was released on the Kickstarter-exclusive digital deluxe version of “How I Learned…”

I’m not that gay
bbbut you are
sssuck my dick
I nnnever get tired of
them mmmake me cum
I never wanna be done
this is the last gay song that I will ever write
so it’s a shame that
it’s almost over
and when the chorus kicks in
you know you know you know you know
I’m gonna fuck it up
ssslip me tongue
bbbatter up
fffinger this
lllike I give a shit
motherfuckers what you want
what you need
oh my God
damn damn hit the ropes
flip the door raise ’em up
what you need
oh my God
flip the door raise ’em up
this is
the one and only

Live Version:
“Last Gay Song” has only regularly been played live in 2005. It was played twice in 2012, but was cut from setlists after.

First Performed: December 28th 2001 (New York NY)
Last Performed: March 20th 2014 (Baltimore MD)

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