It Gets Worse

On the new record there is a song called “It Gets Worse” which is a song about the fucking truth, … we are here to deliver the truth! It does not get better for everybody! Oh sure if you are real good looking, if you got money, if you happen to have an ounce of talent, yeah sure it’ll probably get better for you. But for the rest of us motherfuckers? You are probably going to be working at a fucking gas station! Hell you might lose a fucking arm, you don’t fucking know! To put a blanket statement out there like, “it always gets better,” is fucking dangerous and stupid. Giving people false hope instead of realism is really irresponsible and fucked up, so we’re going to call you out on that! So that’s us, we come with the truth, not necessarily with a flag. In general MSI is very liberal. We believe in women’s choice, and gay marriage, and all that, but we also think that that shit is kindergarten shit! It’s 2013! We’ve been thinking like that since we were kids! People are still having huge arguments over that stuff? That’s the stuff that blows my mind! Like come on! Deal with that shit legally later. Like today kids get toys in the ce- real box, choke and die, the next week, slap a fucking label on the box about how you shouldn’t put it in your mouth. Done! MSI is about saying that kind of truth. – Urine, Auxiliary Magazine, April 2013

Official Releases:
Studio Version (2:56) – How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence
Demo Version (3:01) – YouTube Exclusive
Radio Edit (2:56) – It Gets Worse/Ala Mode

“It Gets Worse” is the lead single from How I Learned… and was released as a demo after the Kickstarter campaign for the record reached $100,000 in pledges. The studio version appears on the Soundwave Festival 2013 promotional sampler. A digital-only single was released on December 3rd, 2013.

hey you baby
you don’t know how bad it’s going to get
if you think shit sucks now you ain’t seen nothing yet because it doesn’t get better
unless you’re pretty
it doesn’t better
unless you’ve got money
it doesn’t get better
so just give up it
never gets better
it gets worse
oh oh oh oh
you gonna die alone
it gets worse
oh oh oh shit yeah
it gets worse
now I’m no psychiatrist
I’m no doctor with no degrees
but it don’t take no fuckin’ scientist to figure out
that there is nothing in this world for me
you’re going down the road
that’s the same one that we have
we cannot wait to watch life kick you in your ass
I shed a little tear for all of you out there
there’s no way to escape
welcome to hell
so long cruel world

Live Version:
“It Gets Worse” was performed at every show on the 2013 and 2014 tours. In 2014, it opened every show with an extended intro.

First Performed: March 27th 2013 (Sacramento CA)
Last Performed: April 15th 2014 (Los Angeles CA)

Official Video:
A lyric video, created by MDotStrange, was released in late 2013 to coincide with the release of the digital single.

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