Official Releases:
Studio Version (2:41) – You’ll Rebel to Anything
Radio Edit (2:41) – You’ll Rebel to Anything (Clean Radio Edition)
Live at Webster Hall 2005 (3:03) – Our Pain Your Gain

“Bullshit” appears as the final track on You’ll Rebel to Anything. A short version of the instrumental was used as the flash intro for the official website in 1999 and part of the demo can be heard at the end of the official video for “Molly.”

after this the rest is all bullshit

I’m so down underground
I be scalping all my tickets
forging all my sound scans
like y’all could tell the difference
the mission fishin’ for the disenfranchised little

we shoot them in a barrel
it’s so easy when they’re pissed
I just masturbated
now I’m motivated
can’t live with us you can’t live without us
we fake it and you take
and then I cash my paycheck
you can call me little miss piss with a kiss
and after all this

you love it

I bump it like a pimp on stage to save face
I overcompensate with the very bad taste

no offense without romance
sick of your parents
about to take a stance
in your children’s underpants
it’s no accident
that you will pay my rent
and I am free to download all the porno from the
a puppet on a shtick
not too fucking quick
now that I’m a prick
y’all gonna jock my dick
say no to brains it’s a no-brainer
lowest common denominator
it pays the bills to be this sterile
fuck me now, rip me off later

Live Version:
“Bullshit” debuted on the Alienating Our Audience tour. It was not played again until the You’ll Rebel to Anything Tour in 2005, during which it was performed sparsely. The live version features an additional synth line.

First Performed: September 27th 2002 (Hartford CT)
Last Known Performance: July 8th 2005 (New York NY)

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