Ala Mode

Official Releases:
Studio Version (2:32) – How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence
Radio Edit (2:32) – It Gets Worse / Ala Mode

“Ala Mode” is the seventh track on “How I Learned…”; Urine self-recorded video footage of the song at nearly every show on the 2013 tour for YouTube upload. The song features vocals by Chantal Claret.

I like my girls like my women
and my women like my girls
with ice cream on their ass
and my dick in their world
I ain’t fuckin’ around
I’m as serious as school teachers
I got 31 flavors to make you a believe baby
want it
need it
a la mode
serve that shit fucking cold
I can’t stand it when it’s all alone
’cause everything is better when it’s a la mode
when you gang bang and take money from banks
you only have yourself and your fucking guns to thank
and when you’re popped locked stopped and arrested by the cops
you can make it fuckin’ better with some ice cream on the top now
pistachio nut
burgundy cherry
chocolate chip
lemon crisp
french vanilla with a peppermint twist
you’re going to jail
ice cream will fix it
you don’t have a life
you make bad decisions
you don’t have a job
you can’t find love
you’re a failure
everyone hates you
I want sprinkles on that shit

Live Version:
“Ala Mode” was performed every night on the 2013 tour, first as a medley with “Tornado” and by the east coast leg on its own.

First Performed: March 27th 2013 (Tempe AZ)
Last Performed: April 15th 2014 (Los Angeles CA)

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