Official Releases:
Studio Version (1:57) – You’ll Rebel to Anything
Radio Edit (1:57) – You’ll Rebel to Anything (Clean Radio Edition)
Edited Demo (1:56) – Coachella Music Festival Exclusive Download
Live at Webster Hall 2005 (2:14) – Our Pain Your Gain
Live at Projekt Revolution 2007 – (It’s 3AM) Issues

A “1989″ demo was released as a digital download to promote the band’s performance at the Coachella Music Festival in 2004. The demo has the word ‘niggaz’ edited out. The studio version was released on the 2005 record You’ll Rebel to Anything and changed the word ‘niggaz’ to ‘babies.’ The song was performed on the Carson Daly Show in 2007; unlike the band’s performance of “Shut Me Up” from the same night, “1989” never aired on television despite being scheduled for a later air date.

goodbye 1989
I wanna be the one in control
rock my white shoes, bolo tie
the next big thing for 5 years running

it’s not your turn, it’s not your turn yet

back off you little shits
gnawing at my bits
I see they breed you by the boat load
back off you little whores
get off on all fours
and let me beat you to the
fucking punch bowl

my body’s not even cold
my act is just getting old

some niggaz wanna get down like this
but we eat what we like

Live Version:
“1989″ debuted on the Despierta Los Niños Tour and has been played at most shows from 2005 onward.

First Performed: October 29th 2003 (Tampa FL)
Last Performed: April 15th 2014 (Los Angeles CA)

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