VampireFreaks September 2015

Interview with Jimmy Urine of MSI
September 22, 2015 by Jet and ShadowNightz

How did you get involved with the movie Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival?
The director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer Terrance Zdunich reached out to me and Chantal to see if we would be interested in playing the Translators. I really wanted to act with my wife so that is that, pretty simple really. When fun good stuff comes along you say yes.

What is your character like in the film? 
Our characters are very Tweedledee & Tweedledum, Keystone Cops, funny and sadistic. We played them like the weasels from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I think it helped that we’re married in real life. It gives a real Riff Raff and Magenta vibe.

Can we expect to see more of the infamous Jimmy Urine on the big screen? 
When projects come along that I dig then yeah.

Can we expect to see you dressed as Zed from Lollipop chainsaw for Halloween this year? 
Haha no. But there are people who cosplay as Zed and now a lot of people cosplay as the Translators, as well as just straight up MSI cosplay.

So the super secret never released prequel album ‘Pink’ that was written in the 90s is finally being released. Why was the ‘Pink’ album never released before and what’s the background story on it? 
Once I did “Bring the Pain” I was like ‘that is the sound’ and was like fuck everything that came before. And the before stuff was Pink so all the pre-1997 stuff got shelved until now.

‘Pink’ is described as: Written by Little Jimmy Urine in his 20s and Produced by Little Jimmy Urine in his 40s.   What was it like going back and producing your old material that is 20 years old? 
It was fun. I surprised myself. I came across a lot of stuff that I was like “Why the fuck did we never release this before?”

‘Pink’ was written in 1990-1997 but your wikipedia says MSI was formed in 1997. So what happened between 1990 and 1997? 
Haha, Wikipedia is always wrong. Folks still getting info from Wikipedia are fools. If you want to know something about someone just follow them on Twitter.

Is there anything in the works besides the ‘Pink’ album and your presence in the new film that fans can look forward to?
Me and Chantal did a song for the Nerdist horror movie The Hive directed by Dave Yarovesky — we did the creepy kids song thru out the movie. And I just did the soundtrack to a 2D old skool side scroller called “I Want to Be Human” by Sinclair Strange. And a few other things coming out in September and October that I can’t talk about yet.

Would you do another album as a kickstarter campaign?
I would but I would use PledgeMusic. It’s better.

We hear that ‘Pink’ reveals the origin of the name of the band.  Is that something included in that audio diary track? 
No, it’s actually in the artwork. There is a lot of hidden stuff in the artwork and in some of the songs.

We loved the video of you guys on the Pancake Mountain show, what was that like? 
Pancake Mountain is the bomb! All I can say is for those who do not know about it, it is an amazing punk rock kids show — check it out at

So you’re going on almost 8 years with Chantal Caret, hows the married life treating you? 
Fan-fucking-tastic! Chantal is the best ever. I am proud to be her husband.

Any chance of little urine babies in the future?
Not yet. But we practice all the time!

As a person known for offending people, what actually offends you? 
All religions.

What’s the rest of the band up to lately? Do you guys like hang out in your spare time?
Yeah we hang out, and call and text a lot, etc. We are family.

Whatcha think of Donald Trump for president?
It would be better if it was “Macho Man” Randy Savage for president.

Where do you get all that fucking energy for your live shows! I want whatever pills you’re taking.
So far so good. But if I lose all that energy I do not want to see Little Jimmy Old shuffling around standing still up on that stage.

In another interview you mentioned how you are always watching your fans and appreciating what they do, whether they are waiting in line to get into a show or just waiting for you guys to go on.   What’s some crazy things fans have done for you?
Way too much to mention. MSI and the fans have been interactive since day one. Like if we were an inaccessible band we might have one or two outrageous stories. But MSI are a total access band from day one so we have millions of outrageous stories.

What is your favorite way to connect with your fans?
Yelling at them on Twitter and yelling at them live!

We saw on your Twitter that fans were asking you to deliver messages to Gerard Way lol, is this something you deal with or have been dealing with since Lyn-Z and Way tied the knot?
I’ve said this a million times — “We ain’t the MCR Post Office!”

Thanks for teaching us how to not give a fuck and love MSI, What message would you like to leave for the fans on

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