The Village Voice February 1998

February 10, 1998 • Vol. XLIII No. 6

La Dolce Musto
By Michael Musto

Lewinsky, schlewinsky. Here’s a real test of character–or at least of whether you can hold down your lunch. When the Spice Girlsbluhhhhh–swept into town recently, they turned up at the weekly fetish fest Click + Drag on the same night that a band called Mindless Self-Indulgence happened to be the scheduled entertainment. And you thought it was dead–irony, that is. Anyway, in the evening’s highlight, Mindless’s singer Euringer attempted to croon a duet with his exposed member–eeeewww–a self-sufficient act our President should perhaps start rehearsing. Alas, it didn’t work out, and the singer had to apologize to the audience, saying, “My dick hasn’t learned the words to this one . . . yet.” Well, one can’t expect such intricate musicality from one’s pecker–not without a sound check, honey.

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