Substream Magazine September 2015

PREMIERE: Mindless Self Indulgence’s “For the Love of God” is an industrial-strength attack on religion

September 10, 2015
By Scott Heisel

Mindless Self Indulgence has been a staple on the industrial-rock scene since their formation in 1997—but did you know that MSI technically started a few years prior? Frontman Jimmy Urine wrote a record called Pink between 1990 and 1995, then shelved it when MSI came together and wrote their debut album, Tight. Now, MSI is releasing Pink for the first time, including 15 previously unreleased tracks written by Urine in his 20s and properly recorded two decades later. One of our favorites of the bunch is “For the Love of God,” which is a direct shot across the bow of religions everywhere. We’ll let Urine explain his motivation from two decades ago, since we don’t have a time machine:

“We do everything in the world to protect religion, but we do nothing to protect ourselves from religion. Religion is bad—it was made by man to keep the poor and weak in line. You must take your own responsibilities for good and evil. Whoa, that is some heavy shit…”

Mindless Self Indulgence’s Pink will be released September 18 via Metropolis Records and can be pre-ordered here.

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