Another Mindless Rip Off


Another Mindless Rip Off
Released: 5 December 2006
Label: Uppity Cracker / Metropolis Records
Catalog Number: UCR 014 / MET 469
Region: North America

1. My World (3:19)
2. Pre-Teen Violence (3:15)
3. Frying Pan (2:48)
4. Lush (2:37)
5. Born to Be Beheaded (2:12)
6. What Do They Know? (Mindless Self Indulgence vs. Julien-K & Chester Bennington) (5:26)
7. What Do They Know? (Backstabber’s Delight Mix) (4:37)
8. What Do They Know? (Hollowboy’s Extended Pleasure Mix) (5:22)
9. What Do They Know? (VNV Nation’s Maelstrom Mix) (5:42)
10. What Do They Know? (The Final Word Mix) (2:25)

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