Pay for It

pay for it cover
Pay for It
Released: 08 July 2008
Label: Uppity Cracker / The End
Catalog Number: UCR 020 / TE 109-2
Region: North America

01. Pay for It (Radio Edit) (3:34)
02. Pay for It (The Son of a Clown Mix by M. Shawn Crahan) (4:06)
03. Pay for It (RMX by Ulver) (3:48)
04. Pay for It (The :wumpscut: Remix by Rudy R.) (4:16)
05. Pay for It (DubStep on Your Dirty Little Face Mix by Curse Mackey) (5:24)
06. Greatest Love of All (2:47)

Quicktime Extra:
01. What Do They Know? (Live at Projekt Revolution 2007)

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