Two New Singles: “It Gets Worse” & “Fuck Machine”

This winter, the band will be releasing two brand new commercial singles from this year’s “How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence” full-length. Both are available for immediate pre-order. The first, “It Gets Worse” is digital-only and features two exclusive b-sides. The second, “Fuck Machine” will be available both as a physical CD release and digitally. It includes 10 remixes of the single, an acapella version, and a remix of “Jack You Up.”

It Gets Worse
01. It Gets Worse (2:56)
02. Eat Those Words (3:38)
03. You Will See Just What I See (2:55)
Digital Version Preorder

Fuck Machine
01. Fuck Machine (LJU Remix)
02. Fuck Machine (Scandinavian Cock Mix)
03. Fuck Machine (Mustard Pimp Remix)
04. Fuck Machine (KMFDM Remix)
05. Fuck Machine (Flock of Jimmy’s Remix)
06. Fuck Machine (Blush Response Remix)
07. Fuck Machine (Chantal Loves Jimmy Remix)
08. Fuck Machine (Combichrist Remix)
09. Fuck Machine (Coming to a Theater Near You)
10. Jack You Up (Black Lipstick Remix)
11. Fuck Machine
12. Fuck Machine (Acapella Do Your Own Fucking Remix Asshole)
Digital Version Preorder
CD Maxi-Single Preorder

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